Who We Are

Alfa Deal Private Limited is an Indian private limited corporation specializing in all forms of electrical designing and installation services across the country.

We have been in service since 1993 and have expanded our clientele in these 20+ years to provide efficient and affordable services to expansive commercial and residential projects.

Our team of expert electrical engineers and technicians provide the best on-site solutions in the most effective and efficient manner. Our managers and supervisors are highly-experienced in realizing and delivering the services which exceed our client’s expectations.

Are Vision

Our vision is to ensure out company’s growth riding on our excellent performance.

The large variety of projects we have successfully executed and presented on small and large scales are proof enough of our dedication to provide only the highest quality in electrical installation services.

Are Mission

Alfa Deal’s commitment to steady and strong growth is evident from the expansion in its services as well as in its list of clients.

Our mission is to grow at a steady pace by making the foundations strong. We are committed to provide efficient and cost-effective services while maintaining the highest-quality standards in workmanship.

Our main aim is to maintain the best-quality standards in designing, installation, testing and commissioning of mega-electrical projects across the width of India.

Are Value

  • Customer Care
    Alfa Deals believes that a satisfied customer means a successful project. Customer care at Alfa Deals is very efficient and convenient. It helps our esteemed customers to receive off-site help and assistance as well as advice and suggestions regarding the issue at hand.
  • Quality Workmanship
    Our expert supervisors and technicians are all extensively and regularly trained in the latest safety measures as well as the latest update in electrical technology. This ensures that the work done is of the highest quality and reliable as well.
  • Team Work
    Alfa Deals works similar to a complex organism with all the departments working in perfect tandem with each other. This excellent co-ordination between our managers, engineers, supervisors and technicians ensures punctuality and higher efficiency in delivering our services.
  • Flexibility
    Alfa Deals has the experience to accommodate and adapt to obstacles faster and work out innovative solutions efficiently. This flexibility in our operational abilities ensures that the project is on track and the end-result is fitting to the client’s expectations perfectly.

These values are adhered to strictly at Alfa Deals because we believe that efficiency and quality can only be assured through these.